BelleHarbour Medical Office Building - Sentara

BelleHarbour Medical Office Building

Sentara Healthcare

The three-story, 75,000 square foot building houses several outpatient facilities, including a freestanding 24-hour emergency department with 17 treatment bays, an imaging department including mobile MRI, fixed CT and X-ray, a women’s center with mammography and ultrasound, and a number of doctors’ offices. Build-outs on upper floors included a 6 room sleep lab, physician practices, and a physical therapy suite.

Working closely with Sentara, PF&A designed the building to be visually appealing and to provide the best in care while adhering to a strict budget. The façade of red brick with stone banding, along with aluminum panel accents, links this newest Sentara building to their other facilities, such as the Sentara Obici Hospital, while touches of dark brown bricks allow the building to complement its surroundings. In addition to maintaining the familiarity of the Sentara brand, our architects were able to add unique touches to this facility, most notably the glass curtain walls that adorn each corner, lending the building distinction and flooding it with natural light. 

For the interiors, designers wanted a look that would be calming and comforting to patients, selecting cool, soothing blues and greens and wood vinyl covering to achieve a space that is at once sophisticated and welcoming. While maintaining continuity throughout, each section features a different palette; for instance, the women’s center features dark pink, while the dark blue of the sleep lab contributes to a restful atmosphere.

Suffolk, VA

75,000 SF