Breast Center - SVBGH

Breast Center

Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital

It was the PF&A's primary goal to enhance this new, approximately 4,000 SF Breast Center with features and amenities that would give the patients a more comfortable environment and to create a diversion during what can sometimes be an uncomfortable and stressful examination.

Placing an emphasis on higher patient and staff satisfaction, the design features an Earthy color palette to create a soothing physical environment that reduces the stress, promotes healing and also enables the staff to better care for the patients. The interior architecture lines are soft with pastel 3Form colors and paint accents. The stone/wood-like materials, ceiling textures and leaf-like floor patterns used simulate a natural appearance.

The design included adding a corridor to the outside wall of the building. Taking full advantage of the windows allows natural day lighting to infiltrate to the  internal corridors satisfying our client’s request to bring the outdoors in.

A stand-out feature of the project design includes custom vinyl wall coverings used as artwork. Crisp and eye-catching, these ‘flower art walls’ are also used for wayfinding and help designate the three separate areas including the waiting room and two exam pods.

A small challenge for the designers was working around most of the existing  walls that were to remain. Patient flow was carefully studied to incorporate  operational and HIPAA requirements, and resulted in a patient-friendly  experience. In the original space, the waiting room was shared between multiple departments within the hospital. We created a new dedicated waiting space for the Breast Center with its own new check-in/check-out reception desk. The  reception desk is punctuated with a textural back panel and has become a focal point for the new department.

The project was a success with the new interior design benefiting the client, staff, and patients by providing a relaxing and beautiful place that makes patients feel comfortable while waiting for exams. Our client was pleasantly surprised by the architectural details translating into artwork.

Virginia Beach, VA

4,232 SF