Buildings 5 & 6 - VAMC Huntington

Buildings 5 and 6 for Behavioral Health

VAMC Huntington

Due to an increased need for space, the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Huntington, West Virginia decided to expand and move their mental health outpatient health clinic from inside the hospital to existing abandoned buildings located on their campus. 

The goal of the Building 5 for Mental Health Clinic project was to create updated additions while restoring the colonial detail that existed in the original 1932 Nurse’s Quarters Building. A total of 37 counseling offices were created along with 3 large group counseling areas through a series of additions.

After a very successful first phase of the project on Building 5, the client chose to keep working with PF&A on Building 6, originally built in 1932, for the Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Recovery Center.

The goal of this project was to transform the building into a mental health day treatment facility to improve the level of care for both male and female high risk Veteran patients. The program included exam and treatment rooms, education therapy, kitchen, compensated work therapy, new elevator, staff lounge, art therapy space with kiln and multi-purpose room.  The project included work on all of the components required for the steam distribution, condensate and vent piping for the building.

Huntington, West Virginia

Building 5: 18,574 SF
Building 6: 10,365 SF

Building 5: $5,000,000
Building 6: $2,052,893