Cath Lab Renovation CHKD

Cath Lab Renovation


The primary goal for this project for Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters was to create a new high-tech
cath lab and to provide a calm experience for the young patients.

The project included a complex coordination effort between several specialized equipment vendors and
the team of engineers. The modular Huntair Cleansuite System was used due to the limited above ceiling
infrastructure and its ability to accommodate high PM&E and equipment needs. The system fully supports the one
single arm, two double arm booms and two light booms, and incorporates a specialized Skytron light system over
the procedure table. Apart from being self-contained and all inclusive, the Huntair Cleansuite System provides
infection control measures by removing airborne particles and contaminants away from the area of the patient,
bathing the patient in HEPA-filtered air, while at the same time preventing entrapment of room air surrounding the
doctors, nurses and equipment.

Cath Labs and similar procedure spaces are integrating a variety of technological advances which require proper
lighting to be fully utilized. The designers included LED technology with perimeter green lights in the ceiling
system to more effectively improve the visual acuity, reduce the eyestrain and create an operating advantage
for the medical team; all provided as a part of the Huntair Cleansuite System.

Our client was pleasantly surprised by the architectural details utilized to help maintain the calm and open feel of
the space. One example was the use of frosted glass doors with lighting in lieu of traditional doors at the required, and
usually very ordinary, cath lab equipment room.

The interior finishes feature an eye-catching, colorful floor pattern to create a diversion during what can sometimes
be a frightening experience for the young patients.

Norfolk, VA

2,080 SF