Clinical Lab - CHKD

Clinical Laboratory

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

The Clinical Laboratory at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD), Norfolk, Virginia provides critical specialized tests for children and teens using state-of-the-art technology. This highly sought-after facility soon developed space needs, and CHKD realized they needed to expand their space. PF&A Design was chosen to provide full professional Architectural and Interior Design services for this expansion.

The approximately 14,000 SF Clinical Lab located on the second floor of the hospital houses the core lab, microbiology and molecular lab, gross lab, pathology, transfusion, specimen collection, and all support areas. Other expanded/renovated areas include office space, waiting, staff lounge and a conference room.

PF&A followed a LEAN-driven design process which is based on improving the quality of care by focusing on standards that limit process variation, improve efficiencies and provide flexibility. By creating an open floor plan and eliminating typical site line inhibiting lab shelving, the design promotes collaboration and encourages a smoother work flow for staff delivering care.

Our designers integrated specific details and innovative concepts for a modern and effective laboratory environment. One such example is the incorporation of a modular raceway system equipped with point-of-use M/E/P connectivity. Custom designed steel stanchions above each counter provide easy access to the electrical raceway. This system is highly flexible and durable and can be modified or adapted to the ever-changing electrical load landscapes typical of clinical lab environments. A trough-like space was also incorporated into each counter for efficient equipment wire management.

The finish materials are not only eye pleasing but were selected to withstand accidental chemical spills as well as rigorous hygienic cleaning regimens. Some of the finishes include decorative metal panels by Moz Designs and non-permeable seamless epoxy flooring by Dur-a-Flex. To add additional color to the space and interest to the ceiling, PF&A created a hexagon (typical shape/expression of molecules) graphic element utilizing Microlite by KMDI, Inc. 

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13,950 SF

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