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ForKids, Inc.

PF&A Interiors designed a new office space for ForKids, Inc. to allow the organization to continue their work in the community enriching the lives of homeless children in Hampton Roads. There was a need to accommodate their growing staff as well as create a space that could serve as a tutoring center and after school program for underprivileged children. The goal was to create a space that would be fun and inviting for the children as well as functional for the staff.

Through the use of bright colors and fluid shapes, visual interest and movement was created. Simple, low-cost materials were used so that the Owner did not have to sacrifice good design while working with limited funds because of the nature of the donation-based budget. Because of the simplicity of the materials used, the most unique part of the project is in the application of those materials. By simply using paint, drywall, plywood and vinyl composition tile in interesting ways, the children’s area became a three-dimensional space to be experienced and explored. The concept for the space was inspired by a children’s game where a marble falls through a series of tracks and obstacles. The motion and tracks of the game were incorporated into ceiling soffits and floor patterns to create a three-dimensional and dynamic atmosphere.

As one moves down the stairwell from the second floor to the first, the path of the marble falling is seen. Upon entering the first floor, one can visualize the movement of the marble down its track, falling down over the doorway, down the shelving below, or curving along the soffits in the ceiling and falling over the reception desk. Incorporating an abstract concept into a successful, economical, and visually appealing space was the most outstanding part of this project.

Norfolk, VA

10,000 SF