Gamma Knife & Synergy S Accelerator Suite - RRMC

Gamma Knife & Synergy S Accelerator Suite

Riverside Regional Medical Center

The Leksell Gamma Knife is one of the most advanced forms of stereotactic radiosurgery currently being used.  Despite its name and scalpel-like precision, the Gamma Knife is a painless and non-invasive radiation device that delivers focused and highly accurate beams of radiation to the area of the brain requiring treatment. This safe and effective procedure offers new hope to more than 35,000 cancer and neurological patients a year as an alternative to conventional brain surgery. Phase one of this radiosurgery suite project for Riverside Regional Medical Center involved reinforcing the concrete floor inside the existing vault in order to support the 50 ton weight of the Gamma Knife and source loader. The structure of the existing corridor was not sufficient to support the weight of the equipment; therefore an exterior radiation shielded door was installed to provide an entrance for the Gamma Knife equipment. The Gamma Knife vault’s interior finishes were designed to create a calm and soothing environment to reduce the levels of stress to the patient. By using a floor pattern, we were able to indicate the high radiation areas of the room.

The project also involved the installation of a new Synergy S Linear Accelerator system in an existing accelerator vault.  This type of system was developed for areas of the body other than the brain. There were several design challenges for this part of the project. One was finding the optimal orientation for the equipment. The existing vault was not designed for a unit this powerful; therefore, the equipment had to be oriented in such a way to minimize the additional shielding required. By rotating the unit, we were able to reduce the additional lead brick shielding to three locations. In addition, the existing mechanical unit and Halon System were replaced.  Staff and administrative areas, waiting area, planning room, exam rooms and corridor finishes were upgraded during phase two.

Newport News, VA

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