Harbour View Emergency Department - Tri-City Development

Harbour View Emergency Department

Tri-City Development

When Harbour View Medical Center needed to expand to add an Emergency Department to its already thriving Outpatient Center, we were brought in to design the 2-story, 16,974 GSF addition including space planning, equipment layout and a complete finishes package.

The new addition included a separate public entrance designed to be a unifying feature with the existing building while also being the obvious entry point for those patients needing urgent and emergency care. A second, side entrance was created for ambulance traffic. The front of the addition includes window walls to bring in light and create openness in the check-in and waiting area while also following the existing fenestration of the existing building.

The nurses' station casework was designed with nooks where equipment could be docked attractively out of the path of staff and patients while still being easily accessible. These docking stations have protection built in to stand up to bumping and scraping while maintaining a nice appearance long term. Triage rooms, quick evaluation rooms and exam rooms were generously sized in recognition of the fact that patients often have family with them. Finishes and colors chosen provide a bright, clean appearance and were in fact chosen because they are easy to clean. Darker wood cabinetry and flooring in the reception and waiting area as well as the darker cabinetry in the nurses station and exam rooms, adds a rich appearance and a nice contrast with the lighter floor pattern and wall coverings. Mirrored glass was used in the waiting/triage areas to allow staff to monitor incoming patients while still providing the patients with privacy.

Suffolk, VA

16,974 SF