Hospice Feasibility Study

Hospice Feasibility Study

Northern Virginia

The scope of work for this project included providing a supplemental building for hospice care to an existing adjacent long term care facility. Our design was centered on maximizing the space while providing a buffer to the surrounding community and maintaining the historical significance of a historical manor that sits on the site. In addition, interior design of the rooms and facility was to blend in with the scale and style of a residential building in order to make the patients feel more at home. Steps for this study included:

  • Interviewing Agency leadership to understand the vision and goals for the Agency as a whole as well as for the facilities in this project. Using both internal Agency data and discussions with Agency staff, we prepared a description of the vision and goals of the facility.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the site for available utilities, applicable zoning codes, environmental concerns, cost of site development and, if relevant, possible community concerns which could arise. Considerations were given to parking required and how this can be developed on the site, considering the adjacent residential properties. Access in and out of the site was carefully studied so as to blend with the adjacent streets and homes. Plantings and buffers were considered to work with adjacent neighborhood to maintain residential character. Community information meetings needed to explain the project and win community support.
  • Meetings with user group were scheduled as needed to understand the operations and space needs of each group in order to develop a preliminary space program. Consideration of needs for critical adjacencies, relationships and support, as well as development of future growth and space need projections were used to develop a recommendation related to the development of the facility.
  • Deliverables included preliminary space program and schematic design for the new building, floor plans, site plan, elevations and perspectives. An estimate of construction cost of the entire project was also developed.

Our client wishes to maintain anonymity.  Please contact Sharon Szalai at PF&A Design with any questions regarding details for this project.

Northern Virginia

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