Kingsborough Specialty Clinics - CHKD

Kingsborough Specialty Clinics

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters decided to add an outpatient satellite clinic in the Chesapeake community.  The project included a 4,850 square foot build-out to provide a pediatric clinic for allergy, pulmonary, gastroenterology and dermatology staff and patients to interact inside one cohesive space.

PF&A provided a full scope of services to create the overall project, including space planning, equipment layout and a complete finishes package. Nurse stations were designed to be free flowing and open, since this group of clinics turns over patients at a very high rate and there is constant traffic in and around the center core of the space. The equipment needed in and around the nurse station and exam areas posed an opportunity to minimize clutter while keeping everything close at hand by building the casework around these items.

The center core is emphasized with a large circular soffit and floor patterns that mimic the nurse stations. The design provides a visual unity to the central core and the walls and casework cut into and through the space to create a constant visual interest for the children as well as the parents who visit the space and creates varying viewpoints as people continue through the space.

Chesapeake, VA

4,850 SF