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Long Term Care & Physical Therapy

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital

In order to remain competitive with other similar facilities, Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital commissioned a project to completely renovate three patient care units, provide finish upgrades on two floors of the hospital, and provide the design of a new patient care unit addition. The addition is designed for 30 semi-private rooms which were constructed first to create swing space so that other units’ patients could be relocated there prior to renovation, with no loss of bed capacity.

The new 30 semi-private rooms will eventually become 30 private rooms for patients recovering from joint replacement surgery. The new unit has its own dedicated entrance and is conveniently located close to the hospital’s rehab department. The rehab department was re-designed and expanded as part of the project. An outdoor area was incorporated for training patients to walk on different surfaces, stairs, etc and to perform everyday functions such as moving garbage cans.

One goal of the project was to expand the nurses' stations to create space to accommodate modern technology and the current number of staff. In addition, the standard semi-private rooms were designed with enhanced patient privacy by placing bed head walls on opposite sides of the room. A glass sliding corridor door was chosen for patient rooms to reduce the loss of floor space to door swing area.

The project incorporates numerous energy saving features such as large overhangs and sun louvers to reduce heat load on the south side of the building. Clear stories, skylights and floor to ceiling windows will bring as much natural light as possible into patient rooms and patient care areas reducing artificial lighting needed.

Norfolk, VA

29,100 SF New
37,750 SF Renovation


Best Institutional/Public Building - HRACRE 2012

Best Custom Sign - 2/90 Sign Systems Design Awards 2012