Long Term Care & Physical Therapy - LTH - Interior

Long Term Care & Physical Therapy

Lake Taylor Transitional Care Hospital

The hospital’s goal was to create a state-of-the-art facility that would build on its reputation as one of the premier programs in the Hampton Roads area. Unique to Hampton Roads and unrivaled nationwide, the design team created an addition of 30 patient rooms and support space as Phase I of the project. This addition would become the physical therapy wing with 30 private rooms, connected to an expanded physical therapy gym.

The design team was responsible for the entire design including the custom signage, the selection of all materials, finishes, artwork and furniture, resulting in a fully cohesive project. The space is enhanced with hotel-style privacy features and amenities to give patients a more comfortable and healing environment. Various items were planned into the design of the physical environment to reduce the stress, promote healing and enable the staff to better care for the patients. The designers knew that it was essential for the finishes, artwork and furniture to be meticulously selected to meet the vision of a patient-healing surrounding.

The entire space is uplifting with a variety of bright colors, crisp eye-catching finishes, materials and textures that complement each other and help create the contemporary ambiance and avant-garde atmosphere in the new facility. Specific colors were incorporated into the design as a wayfinding tool highlighting different areas of the facility. Artwork, custom signage and furniture with simpler details create the desired polished look while giving the space color and liveliness. Selecting finishes in a 24 hour healthcare setting to continuously look clean, tidy and bright, but non-sterile and that reduce the negative impact of hospital cleaning on human well-being posed a challenge. Through some research, our designers found various finish materials that are upscale looking yet easy to clean and maintain. Materials that do not off-gas VOC’s were selected to allow all persons within the building a better indoor air quality. The space is completely void of the distinctive “new building” scent upon entering.

The interior design delivered a non-institutional facility with a hospitality-like atmosphere which we trust helps improve patient healthcare and staff performance.

Norfolk, VA

29,100 SF New
37,750 SF Renovation


Best Institutional/Public Building - HRACRE 2012

Best Custom Sign - 2/90 Sign Systems Design Awards 2012