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Palliative Care

VAMC Hampton

The Palliative Care Building is located on the shore of the Chesapeake Bay and has spectacular views.  The client’s goal was to provide a quality unit that would help to ease the pain of loss for family and provide a comforting environment for patients and staff. This goal was accomplished by using large floor-to-ceiling windows in patient rooms, which maximize the view of the Chesapeake Bay and bathe the room in natural light.  The facility contains 10 patient rooms, six with adjoining family rooms so the family can retreat to a private area to rest and stay overnight. 

The design concept incorporated details from surrounding buildings by using brick corbel and a standing seam roof. Exterior materials were selected to blend into the building’s contextual surroundings. 

Interior finishes convey a warm setting by using red oak wood tones with stone flooring accents. The nurses’ station was designed with red oak, with solid surface accents and columns flanking both sides of the station and tying it to exterior columns on the south porch. The nurses’ station area and the solarium also use skylights, which help provide a light and airy atmosphere. The existing entrance door, lead-lined sidelights and wood panels were refurbished to become a back-lit display case; this has become a main design element lying along the axis of the nurses’ station and the south porch.

Hampton, VA

17,650 SF