Pediatric Behavioral Health Tower - CHKD

Pediatric Behavioral Health Tower

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

PF&A Design is currently part of a collaborative team including Array Architects, W.M. Jordan Company, and Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters (CHKD) to design and construct a new medical tower in Norfolk, Virginia. The freestanding tower is approximately 367,000 BGSF and will be 14 floors high with an attached parking garage and central utility plant.

The new facility, when completed, will support both hospital-based outpatient clinics and an inpatient pediatric behavioral health program. The outpatient specialty clinics, currently located on the base floors, will serve a variety of program types including Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Radiology and other general ambulatory services. The inpatient component includes 60 patient beds with future growth up to 105 beds. The inpatient program is a brand-new service line that CHKD is creating to serve an historically underserved population.

The concept for the building is “transformation”. All patients coming to this facility for care are on a journey. Recognizing that the journey for some patients is learning how to be the best version of themselves. Also how being different can be something that is celebrated and valued.

The team began the project by using LEAN based design tools. Process mapping, pull planning, empathy mapping and A3 documentation have all been utilized to help guide and inform the design process. This process has allowed the team to work at a grueling speed to advance the project design with all stakeholders engaged in the discussions and design decisions. Through this process we were able to help the outpatient clinics reimagine how their teams could work most efficiently together in their future states. Most groups independently chose to pursue an on-stage off-stage clinic model. This allows for improved communication and huddling as well as the ability to stage and share large amounts of equipment needed in each clinic.

On the inpatient units, we leveraged the LEAN process to help us imagine a space that CHKD does not have currently. CHKD’s model of care will be to reduce or eliminate the need for restraint therapy and reduce the amount of medication therapy by allowing the patients to act out in place. The units are being designed so that there are always two means of egress out of every space. The area can be locked down to allow staff to evacuate everyone other than the child in crisis and the space can withstand the violence that might ensue. This approach will reduce the number of staff injuries and allow the patients to learn how to recognize their self-perceived distress and understand their best coping mechanisms. The goal is that the patients will be better equipped to manage their emotions in the real world without relying on medication or physical restraint.

Norfolk, Virginia

367,000 BGSF

$164.7 million

Array Architects
Cerami Associates
Exit Signage
Healthcare Building Solutions
O'Donnell + Naccarato
Smith Seckman + Reid
TLC / Pace Collaborative
VHB, Inc.
W.M. Jordan Company
Zipf Associates