Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - CHKD

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

CHKD’s goal was to fully renovate the very outdated, approximately 15,000 square foot, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) located on the third floor of the hospital. It was the design team’s primary goal to create a positive, healing and colorful environment for very sick children while still promoting a calming environment for anxious, stressed-out parents during a very difficult time.

Following comprehensive research for soothing color patterns and shapes, the design evolved into a Northern Lights theme. The concept incorporates color changing LED lighting over the nurses’ stations in the suite. This promoted the tranquil but colorful tone for the space. The lighting system is fully controlled by the staff enabling them to establish the mood of the space relative to holidays, events, etc. The Northern Lights concept was carried through to the custom signage and artwork in the entire suite.

The PICU department was gutted to create larger rooms incorporating private toilets and family seating areas from old curtain bay areas that had no privacy. The new rooms were also designed to accommodate isolation patients if required. The old, damaged nurses’ station was completely demolished and rebuilt on the same centralized footprint. The position of the rooms relative to the centralized nurses’ station provides patients, family and visitors calming visual access to the changing lights above. The modernized nurses’ station was further refined to accommodate dedicated docking areas for the equipment away from the path of travel.

Overall, the interior architecture encompasses a more efficient work flow for the staff. The Northern Lights concept was continued at the new family lounge area in the wall colors, furnishings and artwork. The designers created a space to decompress in a comfortable spa-like atmosphere. This area includes a kitchenette and sleep rooms with individual showers and toilets for those parents staying with their children around the clock.

The design team’s objective was met by providing a bright, appropriate design for the PICU Department praised by the staff, parents and patients alike. Solidifying the project’s success, the international medical gas boom equipment vendor commented that the installation was the best one they had been a part of to date. This project is now being used as a model in their catalog and website for future projects.

Norfolk, VA

15,100 SF


Healthcare Design Magazine - Remodel/Renovation Nurses' Station Best in Category Dec. 2013 Issue