Nuss Center Renovation - CHKD

Nuss Center Renovation

Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters

Over the past thirty years, Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) has grown into an international center for chest wall deformity treatment and research. The minimally invasive Nuss Procedure was pioneered at CHKD by its own Surgeon-in-Chief Emeritus, Dr. Donald Nuss.

The challenge was to make the renovated Nuss Center feel like its own center within the hospital while also acknowledging its relationship to/with the Pediatric Surgery department. PF&A designed the floor pattern to intertwine through the two waiting rooms and continue seamlessly across the hallway between them, symbolizing the relationship between the two phases of treatment. The waiting rooms were also designed with custom glazing for two reasons: to increase the perceived space by minimizing hard barriers and to simultaneously provide a visual barrier that eases insecurities by offering privacy to passersby.

The Nuss Procedure is a minimally invasive approach to correcting pectus excavatum, and involves surgeons inserting a curved metal bar under the ribs and sternum to reshape the chest wall. Though the floor pattern was one of the more prominent adaptions of the metal bar motif, it is subtly mimicked in other details as well, including the architectural wall panels, door, and casework pulls. Graphics are also used throughout the space to tell the story of the Nuss Procedure and to brand the center apart from the hospital. The story is translated through customized quotes, images, and timeline graphics in the waiting room to educate patients. Furthermore, the custom Nuss Center logo, custom dry-erase measuring grids, and staff scheduling boards are used throughout the space which help to cohesively brand the Nuss Center experience. 

The Nuss Center performs more procedures than any other treatment center in the world, so there was a dire need for the space to grow. Exam rooms were added to accommodate the high traffic of patients.  The average exam room size was increased and additional seating was provided to accommodate family members. The new design also provides much needed additional staff space including offices, a dedicated research room, conference room, and two work rooms. 

The design objective was met by thoughtfully designing the Nuss Center to reflect the ingenuity and significance of the program, making it truly the worldwide “Center for Excellence”.

Norfolk, VA

4,200 SF