VCU Health Hub at 25th

VCU Health Hub at 25th

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Located at the intersection of Nine Mile Road and 25th Street in Richmond, Virginia, the new approximately 5,318 SF VCU Health Hub at 25th is part of a larger redevelopment initiative led by Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and VCU Health System to advance community revitalization efforts and help improve the health and well-being of community residents. It serves as a resource center and offers programs provided by interdisciplinary teams of VCU faculty and students that include assessments and screenings, nutrition outreach, behavioral health support, chronic disease prevention and management, health education, care coordination, referrals to community providers and organizations, and research and evaluation. The wellness center also provides access to space for community events, fitness activities, and educational programs.

Our designers were successful in creating a unique multi-functional space on two levels. A passenger lift was integrated to provide universal access to the split-level design. The wellness module portion of the project, located at grade level, includes the reception and waiting area, multiple consultation rooms, a staff lounge, and the Director’s office. To ensure safety, it was important for the staff to be able to monitor two separate entrances from parking lot and adjacent grocery store. The geometry and form of the check-in desk provides the needed security by allowing visual connection to the doors. The design also addresses the client’s privacy needs at check-in while maintaining a welcoming area.

On the lower level, you will find the education module which offers group meeting spaces that can be customized in size with moveable partitions. This area also includes a kitchenette for staff breaks and catered meetings along with storage space for tables and chairs.

The color palette and finish materials were chosen to create a simple and clean environment using warm and cool neutrals for a high-wear, high-polish design. For artwork, the center has engaged faculty and students from the VCU School of Arts to incorporate rotating art installations and exhibits.

PF&A actualized a pleasing and welcoming space that reflects the wellness journey of each visitor that insures an engaging, positive experience.

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5,318 SF

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